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The Health Practice Associates Council (HPAC) is the UK's regulator for pre-hospital clinicians below the grade of paramedic. Working with stakeholders across the United Kingdom we seek to regulate clinicians who meet our standards for the skills and training associated with their scope of practice, their behaviour and health, in order to protect the public. We help employers monitor the ongoing professional conduct of their HPAC registered staff.

The HPAC is regulated as a nonprofit body and is a legally registered council which is owned by the public interest. We verify & audit all applications to the register.

The Care Quality Commission | Disclosure & Barring Service | National Police Chief's Council | NHS Safeguarding recognises the Health Practice Associates Council register in supporting the safe recruitment of non-paramedic ambulance clinicians.

There are up to 30,000 face to face pre-hospital patient contacts per day in the UK made by ambulance staff wearing the trusted green uniform. Did you know that in the UK only 50% of frontline ambulance staff are regulated by statute? Whilst the vast majority of clinicians are safe, patient-centred, extremely caring individuals, sadly as in all areas, some pose a genuine risk to patient and staff safety. We believe that with the support of like-minded stakeholders, using a non-statutory approach, we can bridge this gap in regulation.